Cee Gee

I’ve loved great music from a very early age but started to actually work on my music collection back in 1977. Back then there was a lot of great music around, I was spoilt for choice! I got to know about different styles and genders of music and spent most of my money investing in artists like Elton John, Bread, The Bee Gees and of course, Soul. Especially Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye!

In 1984 I was approached to DJ at a night club; word had got out about my music collection.
I was a disk jockey there for 18 months and also started to work private functions until 1988 when a pirate radio station called ‘Unity’ was born. I was invited to do some guest spots on air and got to show off my music collection to listeners far and wide!

From then on I was invited to take part with various pirate radio stations including ‘Frontline’ which was a specialist soul and reggae station. I had my own soul show and things progressed into a few of us DJ’s buying out own equipment and being stakeholders in the project! In 1993 a new pirate radio station called ‘Soul Nation’ was born, and this was one of my best experiences as a DJ. I presented a breakfast show there for 18 months until I went to Tenerife and played the pubs and clubs. A year later a friend of mine told me about WFM. I’m a local lad so decided to go and see if I could have a show… and the rest is history! I have now been with WFM for 11 years and present a specialist show called ‘Soul Heaven’. I play timeless soul tracks and classics that span over three decades. You can hear anything from Luther Vandross, Change, Barry White, Maxwell, SOS Band, Aretha Franklin and many more.

So tune in every Tuesday 3pm – 5pm for the best in soul music with me, Cee Gee