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John Lowry

The Irish Connection is live on air Saturdays 10am-12 noon, playing all types of Irish music from traditional to mainstream.
On the show I try to get interviews with well known artists, new bands/solo singers to help them get their names and music into the public forum.
Over the years, I have interviewed  Ronan Keeting/Charlie Lansbourgh/Red Hurley/The Wolfetones/Dana/The Fury brothers also my good friend Jimmy Cricket. On the country scene there’s Shaun Loughrey/Foster & Allen/ The Benn Sisters/Thomas McGuire/Eamonn Mc Cann. Finally trad groups like Lunasa/Shake the Barley (ones to watch) Dessie Donnelly/ 4Men &ha Do

The show has a big loyal following with 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Irish people and non-Irish listeners every week, from Manchester and surrounding areas and reaches approx 70,000+ people.

The show is called the Irish Connection to promote Irish music, food and where to shop and remember the taste of home.

So come on all you first, second and third generation Irish and send your music in to me for radio airplay. Also if you want to come on the show to give people information on a good or new Irish dish feel free to call me on 0161 437 3715 on the programme.

And not forgetting before T.V. the good old Ghost stories. If you have any let me know and I will record you telling them or if you wish tell them over the phone live on air.

I have interviews with famous names who release new music from time to time, many of which come from Rosette Records.

That’s all for now so, keep listening on 97.2fm and on line at  every Saturday morning 10am-12 noon.

I look forward to hearing from all you out there in Radioland. Please don’t forget to send your music to me at: John Lowry, The Irish Connection, P.O.Box 1054, Manchester M32 8SA, UK.

Don’t forget the competions and Free Wfm/Irish Connection T-Shirts. For free T-Shirts send a S.A.E. to the value of £2.00 to the address above, Stating Choice of colour – Black or White, and size?         Spread the word and enjoy the moment.