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Our Earth Week


During Our Earth Week (Monday 20th-Sunday 26th November) community stations from all across the UK are coming together to talk about the climate crisis, and to celebrate life on earth.   Throughout the week (which takes place in the week before the COP28 talks), as many shows as possible will be taking part, and there will be conversations going on all over the country about how the climate crisis is affecting our communities, and what we can do to try and stop it, - or at least slow it down - and how we can adapt to it, and make ourselves more resilient.  And we’ll celebrate the very thing we’re trying to save - Nature, and all of life within it, and ask ourselves, how can we help Nature and wildlife to survive, and thrive? 

We’re going to shine a special spotlight on community energy and community food projects, so if you are part of one, then please get in touch to tell us about it!