Meet The Team

Martin M.jpg

Martin Miles

Join Martin as he unveils the latest tunes from talented unsigned artists, accompanied by an entertaining blend of indie, alternative, synth-pop, new wave, and rock music.


Bill Platt

Bill has been involved with theatre as an actor and director for over 40 years. He is currently a member of Altrincham Garrick and Northenden Players, both fairly local theatres and is also President of Northenden Players. He enjoys sharing theatrical experiences and hopes his programme will help to further this cause.

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Sam Morris

The Feel Good Vibes Show with Sam Morris. Sam will have you feeling postive in no time.

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Mick Freed (Mick the knife)

Eclectic music collection with songs for all occasions and interviews with local musicians and talents every Wednesday evening & Friday afternoon.

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Hayley Swanton

60 minute show is full of classical hits and hidden gems, inspired by her own career, current events, and the world in which we live. She enlivens audiences with her energetic and animated approach to classical music, appealing to both traditional and non traditional classical music audiences.

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Dennis Hanse

The Film Show covers features such as the latest movie news, movie reviews, famous birthdays, biographies plus movie making tips interviews, cinema releases and movie songs.

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Chris Helme

Each hour of the show Chris treats as almost two separate brass band concerts and then joins them together. A diversity of music ranging from modern popular music to the older brass band classics.

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Kath Forden

The show aims is to raise awareness of the many disabilities in Wythenshawe and beyond, and show how people cope with disability.

WFM Anthony O.jpg

Anthony Odell

Vinyl hours is a show covering all aspects of vinyl with classic and brand new music plus vinyl news and interviews and guests from time to time.

WFM John Keane.jpg

John Keane

Tune in and You’ll hear me playing 3 of the Best tunes from every genre, requests and shout outs, a bit of gentle chat and news of what’s going on in the happening City of Manchester.

WFM Barry Neil.jpg

Barry Neil

Soul Central has a high level of preparation with Classic soul as well as 21st Century grooves.

WFM John Lowry.jpg

John Lowry

The Irish Connection plays all types of Irish music from traditional to mainstream. The show features interviews with well known artists, new bands/solo singers to help them get their names and music into the public forum.

WFM Jimmy Lambert.jpg

Jimmy Lambert

Jimmy Lambert Presents a 50s and 60s show at 9.00am till 11.00am on a Sunday morning and a seventies show of Friday afternoon at 16.00.

WFM Stephen Carlton Woods.jpg

Stephen Carlton-Woods

A weekly show looking at all things Wythenshawe! with special guests from in and around our community from politicians to community champions.

WFM Ben Cooper.jpg

Ben Cooper

Ben brings you community issues that matter to you with many local leaders and groups, not only in Wythenshawe but Manchester.


Colin Owen

Start the weekend with some light hearted fun and great music and interaction.

WFM Victoria Evens.jpg

Victoria Evans

Victoria plays Indie and Brit pop and a few others thrown in.

WFM Community  Media Crew.jpg

The Community Media Crew

This entertaining chat show features drama, local bands and comedy is high on the agenda, aiming ensure listeners have a good time! 

WFM Jason Barrett.jpg

Jason (Elvista) Barrett

Jason plays all 50's 'n' 60's and we talk about Rock Roll stars. Sometimes we might have stars come for a chat so whether it's Elvis or Billy Fury, from Buddy Holly to Brenda Lee, we try to keep the chat to a minimum and play tunes loud and proud - so keep rocking.

WFM Sandra Shufflebottom.jpg

Sandra Shufflebottom

Explore the amazing world of the unknown, with contributions from far and wide on subjects that few presenters will talk about. Crop circles, the Summer Solstice, UFOs, the Green Planet, space exploration - no subject will be unapproachable. Listen in and learn.....

WFM Denise Southworth 2.jpg

Denise Southworth

Playing a wide range of music-- everything from Marley to Mozart via Led Zeppelin. plus humour, soap box rantings on current topics, interviews and whatever else comes out of my mouth.

WFM Phillip Sibanda.jpg

Phillip Sibanda

On this program we feature musicians, promoters across Africa, Southern , North ,West and East Africa.

WFM Tre Tre.jpg

Tre Tre

The "Out to Lunch Show with TreTre' is a show dedicated to friends! Every week I will invite one friend to join me on the microphone and talk all things Wythenshawe.  This feature I have named it 'It’s a Mystery' other features include, 'the What's on Guide', and '2 to You' where I let my guest choose two songs back to back. There are regular features such as news, weather, traffic, then interviews, competitions, and of course, some great music.

WFM Dennis Phillips.jpg

Dennis Phillips

Besides featuring News, Weather and Traffic News, I run the Brekafast much like an easy-listening magazine show.  There are a number of interesting interviews, health features, and items of topical news.  I review the papers, and also keep you in touch with what's going on in the area.